Why the mobile metaverse is leading the way in gaming.

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3 min readOct 26, 2021

If the digital world is the platform for a more imaginative landscape, then the mobile metaverse is the key to the next level. For a long time, the only thing stopping gamers from being able to immerse themselves in their creativity on the go was the fact that gaming was reserved for being at home, or in fixed spaces. But that’s no longer the case. The metaverse is truly limitless now, and that’s due in part to the fact that users are free to transport the most authentic parts of themselves and their favourite worlds with them. Wherever they go, their metaverse goes too.

This week, we discuss why digital worlds becoming wireless is leading gaming in exciting new directions.

Always immersive

It seems like with every new game released by developers, the metaverse takes one step closer to reality. And in truth, it’s very much a reality for us already. So how does a mobile metaverse in particular shape this sense of realism? The lines between gaming and real life have never been more blurred. The mobile metaverse has allowed gamers to make a living out of something that was largely considered as just a hobby for so long. We’ve seen a massive influx of Twitch and YouTube streamers, able to make content on the go, something which has seen them elevate their platforms, which wouldn’t have been possible when gaming was a static experience.

And even if it is just a hobby, mobile gaming has meant players are able to unwind and enter their chosen worlds at their own leisure. With major developments in graphics and interactivity, mobile gaming no longer feels like a step down from the more immersive experience players were previously only able to encounter at home. Mobile gaming is now a genuine — in some cases a far more popular — alternative.

Better connected

A recent study showed that 85% of parents now play video games with their children because they see it as a quality family activity. It’s become clear that for parents to stay up to date and connected with their children, embracing this change in communication is key to a positive relationship.

Not only does the mobile metaverse help shape the current narrative, it’s changing the way we form and develop our relationships with those that mean the most to us. Every month on Avakin, users send more than 2.1 billion chat messages. These connections are fostered and maintained on the move, with users jumping into Avakin whenever they choose. The mobile metaverse gives them this reality, which they use to enrich their lives. We’re just happy to be part of the process.

A key to the future

The pandemic has opened our eyes to what has quickly become the new norm. Gaming is now widely seen as a positive way of life where people can learn, grow and socialise — as well as being an amazing form of entertainment.

For some — the mobile metaverse has even become the focal point of their social life — and that’s also something to be celebrated. For others it’s just a form of escapism — half an hour for them to relax and recharge. That’s great too. If you think about what can be done in half an hour in Avakin compared to what you can do in real life — there’s really no contest. Users could enter their own fashion contest, try out a host of new looks beforehand, visit a party hosted by their favourite artists all in the time it would take them to commute across the city during rush hour to even get to an event.

By maximising mobile technology to the fullest, members of the mobile metaverse can also maximise the full gaming experience wherever they are. Everyone is welcome in the mobile metaverse — no matter who they are or why they’ve chosen to play. When we look back in 10, 20 years’ time, the mobile metaverse will be seen as a vehicle that helped drive gaming’s horizons forward.



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