Unwrap some magic at Avakin Life

It’s beginning to look a lot like… an Avakin Christmas!

It’s time to wrap up a year that’s been filled with countless events, from the Solar Sounds Festival to our latest experience — The Voice of Avakin. This Christmas, we’re doing things a little differently — because it’s time to celebrate with you. In the last 90 days alone, more than 15,000,000 apartments have been created and decorated by Avakins — each one unique. Imagine all the Christmas lights and decorations!

We’d like to see everyone get involved in the creativity by giving every single user not only the chance to join the party, but create their own events too. That’s right, you’re all on the Christmas Party committee this year! The theme is simple — Festive Wonderland. So think big, think bold, think surprises, and above all — think fun.

“Naughty vs Nice”

In the spirit of the Festive season, we’re in the mood for giving. We’ll be selecting two winners — one “Naughty” and one “Nice” — who will have their events showcased across key dates in the Avakin Christmas calendar. Just think, millions of fellow Avakins being able to see the very best creative work from within their own community. We want to end the year by championing our users and providing everyone the chance to have their voices heard through their work.

On top of that, the two lucky winners will get hundreds of thousands of Avacoin plus rare badges that let everyone know they’re our top creative minds. But that’s just a bonus, our real Christmas message runs a lot deeper than that. Our challenge has been designed to help each user to tap into their own creative pool by displaying their ideas in a space that is both safe and encouraging.

Unwrapping magic isn’t just for Christmas

While the festive cheer underpins much of what this event is all about — we don’t just want our users to feel a part of our creative process just for Christmas. The beauty of including our community in this stage of an event is that the choice lies firmly with the user.

Each event can be as naughty or as nice as you like. Goth Christmas party or Gingerbread House and presents? We’re welcoming alternative takes on what Christmas means to you. Because at Avakin, there are unlimited ways to celebrate. Enjoy!




We’re Lockwood Publishing, leading independent developers and creators of Avakin Life.

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Lockwood Publishing

Lockwood Publishing

We’re Lockwood Publishing, leading independent developers and creators of Avakin Life.

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