Ministry of Sound celebrates 30 years in music with EPIC Avakin Life metaverse events

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2 min readOct 29, 2021

Lockwood is proud to say that Avakin Life has been home to some of the most creative collaborations in mobile gaming’s recent history. And this next one is right up there with the very best. Ministry of Sound is one of the most iconic institutions in the entertainment industry — it’s so embedded into dance culture that the logo alone can get your head bopping.

And for the last 30 years, this multimedia entertainment business has gone from meteoric rise, to sustained greatness. From nightclubs, to record labels, to radio stations — Ministry has done it all. Their next step? The metaverse.

When Lockwood decided to create a new virtual nightclub experience, there was no-one else we wanted to team up with! We’re already a few days into the ultimate Halloween dance event — the first in a series of collaborations between Avakin Life and the iconic dance label. And it’s not too late to get involved. The event will be on until 1st November — so grab your Halloween outfit and hit the floor!

VIP Treatment

We all remember how it feels to stand outside, excitedly queuing to get into a club — wondering what it would be like to enter like a VIP. This new collaboration captures that reality with players arriving via the captivating Ministry of Sound Helipad. From there, they can unlock the full Ministry of Sound metaverse club experience by purchasing new MoS Coins — their ticket to the dance floor and new, exclusive digital items, designed to capture the unique appeal of the Ministry of Sound brand.

The beat goes on

Even when the fun stops, this once in a lifetime event will live long in the memory. Our Halloween party isn’t just about fancy entrances and feeling like a superstar — it’s about the music. And no one does it better than Ministry of Sound. The world’s biggest dance label brings the world’s best dance tracks. So whoever you’re into, our event is sure to have you moving and interacting with Avakins that share your passions.

The combination of beautifully unique decor with immersive interactive moments will dazzle casual players and music-lovers alike in a way that the metaverse has never seen before. It’s undoubtedly one of our most ambitious creations yet — and here’s to many more to come!



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