Lockwood’s 2021 predictions for social gaming

2021 has probably been the most anticipated year in recent history and with many of us having given up on 2020 by April, it’s got a lot resting on its shoulders.

Looking back on the past year, none of us could have predicted what would happen. But in the darkness of the pandemic, we saw some real innovations in gaming, and we really came together as a community in response to some unique challenges.

Thankfully 2021 is shaping up to be a year of exciting developments in the world of gaming. So we decided to list 5 of our top predictions for social gaming in 2021.

Let’s take a look!

Social gaming getting the recognition it deserves

One of the big reasons social gaming became so popular during 2020 was its ability to bring friends and family together, whether that’s within households or connecting players online across the world. Gaming as a way to socially bond will become a lasting effect of the pandemic, and 2021 will see more games being released that are meant to enhance and inspire social interaction between people across the globe.

Some of our most successful events on Avakin Life in 2020 were multiplayer social gatherings where our community could join together, watch concerts, complete adventures, buy exclusive merch and chat with each other about anything they felt like.

Year on year growth

Researchers at Newzoo are predicting that the entire game industry — PC, mobile, and console — will grow 19.6% to more than $174.9 billion in 2020. As the world falls more in love with gaming, pulling in new audiences as a result of ‘lockdown gaming’ the industry looks set to grow even more in 2021, building on the successes of 2020.

Last year it was estimated that across the globe there were around 2.7 billion gamers. Expect that figure to reach new heights in 2021.

The metaverse will grow alongside social gaming

Following on from the developments of last year, the way we work, learn and socialise in 2021 is going to be an increasingly virtual experience. Some of this may move into the “Metaverse” — a digital space where people can come together, socialise and enjoy millions of virtual 3D experiences (such as Avakin Life!).

We hosted a number of events in our “metaverse” such as our Spinnin’ Sessions concerts with real-life artists Lucas & Steve, our virtual prom event and our Fashion Week celebrations. There will be bigger, more interactive events like these to come throughout 2021!

Gaming as social activism

A new decade brings new challenges for gaming developers and making sure they are on the right side of social issues is going to be hugely important for the industry.

Whether it’s supporting social movements throughout the year, providing a safe space for discussion and debate or raising awareness of issues across the world and educating their community — there is a huge responsibility for developers to get it right. Games can also be used to host fundraising events for urgent issues, such as our own campaign last year in support of the Australian Bush Fire relief efforts.

2021 is set to be a fantastic year, and we’re looking forward to spending it with you on Avakin Life!

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