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3 min readFeb 11, 2022

At Avakin Life we’ve always believed love comes in many forms. But most important among them is self love. Being comfortable to express your true self is at the heart of the Avakin experience. That is why our upcoming Valentine’s campaign, Life In The Clouds, is not about traditional romance. Instead it creates a world high above the clouds where our players can escape drama and focus instead on loving themselves.

One of the most creative elements of self expression is shown through fashion. We are empowered to embrace our own confidence and let a chosen side of us shine bright for all to see.

Life In The Clouds is packed with eye-catching fits and dreamlike releases, so it’s the perfect opportunity to delve into the mind of our Principle Fashion Designer, Nicola McFarlane, who has been pivotal in developing magical fashion items ready for release this February.

Hi Nicola. First of all, what inspired the fashion choices for Life In The Clouds?

The fashion designs were highly inspired by the beauty of the Valentine’s scenes. The key focus of the collections was to capture the romantic, magical feel of a cloud space and transport players into a dream world when they wear the clothing, whilst keeping the fabric choices and styling in line with a modern, luxury aesthetic.

Avakins will love the dreamy aesthetic. Is there one piece in particular that you’re really proud of?

My favourite piece in this range is the Cirrus outfit sets, specifically the dreamy dress! I feel it captures the delicateness and fantasy aspects of the concept.

Wow! Avakin Life is known for unique takes on seasonal content. How do you come up with such eye-catching ideas?

A lot of research! As a team we ideate and bounce ideas off each other for every upcoming event, looking at everything from future trends, current events, social media, history and fantasy whilst incorporating player suggestions and feedback to shape each release set, to ensure we are developing unique and exciting pieces.

Can you give us any insight into your design process — what are the biggest hurdles when you’re coming up with these lovely outfits?

The design process for Avakin starts as it usually would in the traditional fashion industry. We begin with researching and mood-boards before allocating brands and designing and creating in 2D and 3D.

The biggest hurdle I find is design block. As a team we create 100s of fashion designs every month so it’s normal to get a little creatively blocked sometimes! I overcome this by stepping away and allowing myself to get inspired again by other things and then go back to it or regroup with the team. It’s always handy to have a fresh set of eyes on things!

Are there any future fashions Avakins should watch out for beyond Life In The Clouds?

We have lots of exciting themes and content planned for this year. Expect big couture dresses, updated menswear, extravagant wings, new hair and beauty, plus more. Content will be refreshed and reformed from luxury high fashion to exploring new magical worlds! Keep visiting Avakin to discover what’s new.

Thanks so much for these insights Nicola! We hope our wider Avakin community loved this deeper look into the design process of some of their favourite fashion.

While that may be the end of this interview, you can all jump into Avakin right now and try on some of the fashion Nicola has helped create! Plus get ready to help Cupid, the central character of Life In The Clouds, as she tries to help all Avakins find love, for themselves and others this Valentine’s! See you all above the clouds.



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