It’s that time of year again and things are heating up!

Carnival is a massive event for our entire Lockwood community, which is why now more than ever it is vital that we all come together to celebrate our annual event that is inspired by all of the feel-good vibes a carnival can bring, this time against the two beautiful backdrops of Venice and Rio.

This year it will be even bigger than last! And as you’ll know from last year, every country makes it special by adding their own personal touch. From Venetian masquerade attire to traditional Rio carnival headgear, players within the community will be able to encounter a vast array of cultural experiences.

We’re also bringing back a full range of vibrant carnival costumes, as well as reintroducing the plaza where players can gather and enjoy all the lively vibes that a carnival has to offer. To make this year extra special we wanted to offer some different features that will help bring the atmosphere to life on a much larger scale.

So, what’s actually happening in-game?

Well, we’ll be revamping our stunning Venetian courtyard which will look totally unique from previous in-game spaces. In this area, we will be hosting a huge masquerade ball perfectly detailed with intricate décor and lavish costumes. The ball itself will be home to a carefully set of arranged musical instruments; perfectly creating the feel of an orchestra, simultaneously playing together live, just like an in-person concert.

What can players get from this?

Players that attend either the Rio or Venice event will be able to acquire 3 different wallpaper options which will allow you to customise your chosen backgrounds. On top of all of this, there will be plenty of carnival inspired costumes, masks and other accessories that will be making a return to the overall event.

In addition to the revamped Venetian courtyard, we will also be adding carnival content to our in-game event in Rio. We will be including a wide selection of musical instruments that players will be able to purchase for the Brazilian carnival. We want to add even more to ensure players feel every aspect of the energetic atmosphere by including some tradition.

The added in-game features will immerse players into the real-life carnival atmosphere in both settings, ensuring they will be exposed to the most authentic gaming experience. In doing so, Avakin Life aims to allow anyone within the gaming community to enjoy these experiences from different cultures, all from the comfort of their own homes.

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