Introducing ‘The Voice of Avakin’ — it’s time for talent shows to enter the metaverse

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3 min readNov 5, 2021

Step into the spotlight

Every once in a while, a TV show will come along that captures everyone’s attention. And, while few shows manage to have a seismic impact in one country, even fewer replicate it on a worldwide level. The Voice has done exactly that. For almost a decade, the iconic talent show has wowed audiences around the world, uncovering singers in a way that is both authentic and wholesome — not to mention loads of fun!

So, when the opportunity to bring the pinnacle of talent shows to the metaverse arrived — we grabbed it with both hands!

This week we’re proud to introduce The Voice of Avakin. The partnership sees The Voice experience recreated within Avakin Life in the first metaverse event of its kind. This is music fans’ once in a lifetime chance to reimagine their favourite aspects of the show on a journey they define. Be a singer, be a Coach, or just be the crowd. Whatever journey they choose, the metaverse will be there to fully embrace them.

Find your voice

For fans of the show who are new to the metaverse, The Voice of Avakin will provide an environment that is safe, inclusive and easy to understand and explore. The universal appeal of The Voice and its striking environments act as the perfect entry point to our digital world. And once fans have arrived they’ll be wowed by what’s on offer.

Not only will users be able to recreate their favourite auditions from years gone by, they’ll be encouraged to create their own history by sharing their performances, where their dreams of singing to millions can be brought to life.

Check out #TheVoiceOfAvakin to see what users are up to throughout November and December.

As well as singing their hearts out in search of stardom, users will also be able to do their best impressions of fan-favourite Coaches and recreate the famous ‘red button’ moment that the show is synonymous with when The Voice of Avakin Stage opens in late November.

But that’s not all. Avakins will also get the chance to visit our in-game recreation of the backstage Green Room area. There they can watch videos from other voices, create new friendships, get help with the experience and support performers as a community.

We could shout about the brilliance of the Voice of Avakin all day, but nothing will beat experiencing it for yourselves. For more information about this unique partnership, head over to our website for all the details about how you can bring your talent show dreams to life!

Create. Share. Connect.

The Voice of Avakin is yet another exciting step forward for us at Lockwood and more importantly, an exciting step forward for our users. The metaverse is always looking for ways to bring its fans one step closer to dreams or ambitions that might otherwise be unattainable outside of the digital world. And let’s face it, we’ve all sung in the shower at the top of our lungs, dreaming of performing in front of a live crowd. The Voice of Avakin brings this to life in a realistic way — removing any barriers and letting everyone choose their moment to shine.

This is the perfect example of what the metaverse can offer: engaging, new experiences that are not always possible in the “real” world. We are welcoming everyone, from confident extroverts to shy singers desperate to unleash their talent on their terms. Self expression is at the heart of the experience. We want to foster creativity and allow people to share any kind of content with each other.

So whether you want to be the star, be the community or just be a part of the moment — Avakin Life lets you be whoever you want. With us, the choice will always be yours.



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