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3 min readFeb 3, 2022


There’s no doubt about it — the way education is delivered will continue to evolve massively in 2022. And while some changes have seemed part of the organic evolution of teaching and technology, the pandemic has accelerated many ways in which education has progressed.

But where exactly does the metaverse fit into all of this?

Education in the metaverse is about more than just virtual classrooms — it’s the future of connectivity. As we’ve seen across a multitude of fields, from music to sport, the digital space can bridge the societal gap between us like nothing else can. It’s something we’ve been proud to see unfold in front of our own eyes with Avakin Life — and long may it continue!

A new school of thought

In its purest form, the metaverse serves to enhance shared experiences whilst reaching an audience far greater and far quicker than could ever be imagined physically. Simply put, pre-existing social and economic boundaries that have been built for centuries can be broken down because the very essence of the metaverse doesn’t allow them to exist.

Andrew Wright, lead consultant and metaverse architect for Spatial, recently commented on the “increased sense of immersion and engagement” that education in the digital space can provide learners with. The metaverse in question at Spatial is home to 14 different worlds that students are able to access freely — everything from a Fossil Museum to Da Vinci’s Forces Gallery. Virtual field trips in the metaverse or through VR, these can be very immersive, shared experiences.

Creations like this provide the perfect blend between the past, present and future in a way that only the metaverse can. Students are able to step back into the past and learn about these historical gems while simultaneously being exposed to the most forward-thinking ways of learning available.

Inspired by the blockchain

What if our school credentials and credits existed in the blockchain? POAP app is already giving out badges in the form of proof of attendance protocol for people who have attended specific events. Our Avakin players certainly love their badges that they can claim from attending parties and events — these could easily be extended to more format events too, like attending a specific class or course.

Earn to learn might be familiar to those in crypto. Many popular crypto apps provide a way to earn small amounts of crypto through quizzes that raise awareness and increase interest in the topic at hand. Imagine that in a school setting!

The extracurricular

Education doesn’t only take place in the classroom. Equally, learning doesn’t stop when you reach a certain age either, and it’s these fluid boundaries that mean learning in the metaverse is somewhat of an ideal partnership. It’s this sense of limitlessness that we will always champion in Avakin Life. The education we celebrate in-game goes far beyond a classroom or any sort of fixed curriculum.

Whether we’re teaching our users about sections of society that are often overlooked or marginalised with in-game events such as our #RaiseTheGame initiative, or providing our users with an exclusive insight to what goes on inside the creative process in our game. The learning never stops.


The community is at the heart of Avakin, and we love talking and learning from our players. Building a community also builds understanding, compassion and tolerance — and opportunities to learn from each other. Digital tools like Discord can connect people with similar interests to interact and share resources, and mentor each other.

Innovation, innovation, innovation

We might have seen incredible strides made in virtual learning, but that doesn’t mean we’ve reached its final form. There’s always more work that can be done and speaking for ourselves alone, we welcome every challenge! Predicting the major talking points for the year ahead is a tough ask. 2021 proved that the world is changing at an exponential speed. So although trying to keep up with it might prove to be difficult — we’re committed to leading instead of following the narrative.

If the digital world has shown us anything, it’s that learning never stops. Just like the creativity that is the crux of Avakin Life, education can and should be limitless. So here’s to another year of learning and creating without any boundaries — strap in!



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