Inside Lockwood: interview with Fashion Game Producer Philine Gehrmann

Our metaverse is truly like no other. We pride ourselves on being a part of a digital space that’s built on transparency and creativity — we really wouldn’t have it any other way! As part of our doubled-header Inside Lockwood series, we interview the hugely talented Philine Gehrmann to discuss her role as well as what the future holds for Avakin Life. And without further ado, here it is!

Hi Philine, first of all, it’s so great to have the opportunity to sit down with someone so close to the creative…

It’s true, you can’t speak to anyone about gaming in 2021 without mentioning the metaverse. The digital world represents both the present and the future of our industry, and it’s a badge we wear with pride at Lockwood. When designing the metaverse, we also have an opportunity to try to fix some of the things that are not right in the world we live in right now — we can make it more inclusive, more welcoming and remove geographic, financial or social barriers.

The good news is, we know we’re not alone in thinking this! As brands and industries alike…

Lockwood’s guide: 6 things fashion fans should know about the metaverse

September is the month of all things Fashion in Avakin Life. This is when we truly celebrate global fashion and design, and express ourselves through digital wares.

With new weekly releases, events and parties, there’s a lot going on for Avakins. Before we get going though, there’s some essential ground to cover for those that are entering our world for the first time. And for the seasoned Avakins among us, stick around, you might even pick up a new trick or two…

Access to exclusive items

What is the…

The metaverse is a marvelous thing. But it’s not something which just appeared overnight — it’s something which has evolved and changed over time in response to evolving technology and the way people interact with games.

It’s an evolution we’ve been part of for well over a decade. We started off working on the much-missed Playstation Home, before creating Avakin Life — a game which today boasts over 200 million downloads.

While we’ve previously written about this evolution more generally, today we’re looking more specifically at how the social side of gaming has evolved throughout the 21st century.

Turn the…

At Lockwood, we’re constantly thinking about our next step and ways we can refine our metaverse. In particular, our in-game events are something the team spend an incredible amount of time thinking about.

Why do we focus so much on these moments? Well as a recent Newzoo report explained — in-game events involving partners, artists or trends from the physical world are a powerful way of attracting people who may not have considered games previously. …

You might be surprised to learn that the term metaverse has been with us since the early 90s. As the digital world we know and love today edges towards the big 3–0, we take a look back at the journey towards the new norm, as well as why our industry continues to embrace it with open arms.

In a recent piece, we gave our lowdown on what the digital world actually is in our Welcome to the metaverse blog. So, now we know why we love the metaverse, here’s everything you need to know about where the concept comes from.

For periods of the last 20 years, gamers have wrongly been dismissed as unfashionable and uncool. But as we all know the truth is very different. In Avakin, users pride themselves on curating eye-catching looks that wow the crowds.

They connect with bespoke in-house brands like CloudNine or Ikon, or redefine their styles in high street pieces from Nike, Superdry or Ray-Ban. And now, not only are some of our favourite fashion brands embracing the gaming industry, in many cases — they’ve become reliant on it.

While the non-digital world came to a standstill during the pandemic, the metaverse was…

They say you can’t improve on perfection, however, we’re just not so sure about that. And whilst our players may have found the game of their dreams in Avakin Life— that doesn’t mean their overall user experience can’t be enhanced. It doesn’t mean we’ll ever stop trying either!

Sounding out

This is perhaps the easiest fix for improving your mobile gaming setup without pushing the boat out too much. Many of us already own a pair of wireless headphones so it’s simply just a case of pairing the two devices together. Because let’s face it — phone speakers just don’t…

With the outcome of many summer festivals still hanging in the balance, ‘uncertainty’ is the buzzword for sponsors and festival promoters alike once again this summer. But there’s been no such problem for the metaverse. The festival season continues to go from strength to strength in the digital world — and the numbers show that metaverse crowds are getting BIG.

Our latest offering, the Solar Sounds Festival, which ran the whole of July and saw more than 14 million visits and close to 400 hours of non-stop music since launch! And there’s still more to come!

DJ, producer, entrepreneur and…

In a recent post, we gave you a complete lowdown of what the metaverse is, but we never told you what to do once you get here. And like all new adventures, navigating through the metaverse for the first time can be a daunting experience.

So we’re stepping in to help. We know this melting pot for creativity can be overwhelming for newcomers. So to help, we’ve created our own miniature travel guide for enjoying your first few trips into the digital world.

Staying safe

First and foremost, our gamers’ safety is the most important thing and should never be…

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